Friday, December 21, 2012

Sapporo-Memory From Hokkaido 2

Walk around in Sapporo...Visited Sapporo TV tower at the first night when we arrived. That was soooooooooooo cold. freezing body was just looking forward to the warm and soft bed in the hotel, :) I only realized the Sapporo TV tower is so beautiful at night when I was organizing the photos I have taken during the trip...Well here there are:

Sapporo TV tower, Built in 1957, located at one end of Odori Park, The Tower was modelled after Paris’ Eiffel Tower. 147.2 metres high, the 4th tallest tower in Japan.

While the towers main function is to provide TV transmission to the residents of Sapporo it also is a popular tourist spot with its observation deck at a height of 90 meters. (Entry to the observation levels is around 700 yen.), Some shops are located on the ground and basement levels with another souvenir type shop on the 3rd level just below the halfway mark to the observation deck. The towers underground shopping centre connects directly to the Odori subway station.
The big Christmas decoration in front of the tower 
Another tour attraction we visited is The old Hokkaido government.

This building is a neo-baroque building that is often known as “Red Brick” or akarenga by the locals due the thousands of red bricks that make up its construction. Red bricks were a rare material to build buildings out of in the Japan of 1880. Now the Hokkaido government have moved to elsewhere, the building is still used occasionally for various government functions and banquets.
There is a garden surrounding the Old Hokkaido Government Building, with a row of sakura trees, the lake was almost frozen in the winter, some lazy birds around...

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