Friday, December 21, 2012

Mt. Okura & Observatory-Memory From Hokkaido 3

Sapporo was home to the 1972 winter Olympics and many of the events were held on Mt. Okura where the ski jump overlooks the city. Today the jump is still used, not only for sporting events but as a tourist look out often known as the Okurayama Observatory.
The top of the jump is 300 metre’s high and this is where you can get a great view of Sapporo, the Ishikari Plain and Ishikari Bay from the Observation deck.
At the bottom of the jump are the Winter Sports Museum and the Crystal House. The museum houses plenty of exhibits about the winter Olympics and winter sports while the crystal house is home to a restaurant with spectacular views of the city as well a fast food outlet and ice cream stand.

Some views taken on the way from bus...

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