Thursday, September 01, 2011

Nature note about the Lower Peirce Trail

A added note from my previous post:
Looking up & down along the lower peirce trail
The photo on the left is bat lily flowers. :)
There are many of the bat lily plants growing along the both sides of the wooden boardwalk, but you may not lucky enough to see the flowers.

...and this is the plant
So here are my Nature notes about the Lower Peirce Trail:
the Lower Peirce Trail, located to the north of the reservoir, leading off Old Upper Thomson Road, this 1 km trail which is built as an elevated boardwalk allows visitors at all ages to experience the flora and fauna of the forest, to feel the peace and quiet of the forest, and appreciate the beauty of the nature.

...the most attractive plant species here are the various ferns
 ...can you count how many species of fern on the above photo? 


...and the fungi  

At the Lower Peirce Trail, you will have high chances to meet those Common residents here, besides insects, birds, there are squirrels, long tail monkeys (macaques),  snakes, lizards

and the Flying Lemurs

Last year I even spotted a wild boar at the Lower Peirce Reservoir Park carpark, I was playing with my camera, and suddenly saw a figure under the tree, and it was still there but staring at me, I never realized it is a wild boar, and talk to my friend, why NP build an ugly statue here...LOL, who will expect a wild boar in the garden!

...and this animal, any one knows what is it?  
Photo was taken on an afternoon of Nov 2010
Well, thank you for reading my post, wish you enjoy the nature as I do.
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Jedediah said...

Wonderful photos, what an amazing variety of fauna and flora. The animal is probably an Agouti.

eileeninmd said...

Awesome photos, I would love to walk on this trail. The plants and animals are all wonderful. Great photos, have a wonderful weekend.

Rambling Woods said...

What a great place to see such a variety of plants and animals...Love the photos..thank you for posting them to Nature Notes

Shanda said...

Wonderful o: capturing so many aspects of nature. Been looking through your posts and enjoying them.