Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flying Lemur-camera critters 36

Flying Lemurs are also called colugo. It is reported that there are approximately 1500 Malayan Flying Lemurs in Singapore. I was lucky to see them and managed to capture a few shots sometime ago at the entrance of Lower Peirce Boardwalk.

They are not closely related to the Lemurs of Madagascar. Flying lemurs are classified in the order Dermoptera, from the Greek words derma, meaning "skin", and the ptera, meaning "wing", thus "skin-wing". These creatures have membranes that connect their legs and tail, enable them to glide from one tree to the other, like sheets of paper blown in the wind quietly.

As their color is almost same as the tree trunk, it is not easy to find them. It is usually seen perching against a tree trunk with its head pointing upwards. There are 2 species of colugo in the world; the Malayan Flying Lemur and the Philippine Flying Lemur.

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Paulie said...

That's neat! Reminded me of the Raccoon that I captured in a photo recently on my blog. . . IT is great to capture the moment in time when you spot such creatures.