Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lovely and lonely benches #5

 Ruby Tuesday is here. I love to take photos of benches, especially empty benches…I don’t have much time to create a meme for all the benches lover. I like this blog hosted by Perbs, there are many lovely benches. If you do have any blog or post related to benches, please do leave your links here in the comment. Thank you. Some other benches from my previous posts.



PERBS said...

I could stand to spend some time on that bench in such a lovely spot!

Thanks for linking my bench blog and also malyss's bench blog. We both love to find benches even when they are in dressing rooms like my last one.

Mar said...

Love benches, great shots and I like the touch of red in the first shot.
Happy RT, mine is here!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

On an empty bench
sit ghosts of those who rested
their weary feet once.

My Ruby Tuesday