Monday, November 17, 2008

Solar Lights

I like to use Green, Energy Star Products. Every one of us should try our best to use eco-friendly products to save the earth. Instead of normal light, buying green environment products like solar garden light is a simple and easy way to save the earth. I have been searching for the possibility to promote the solar related products in Singapore. But till now I only see a few solar related products are available in Singapore market. Many years ago, my friend even imported some solar operated garden light into Singapore market. But his business failed. Singaporean are still not ready yet to accept green, energy products? Is solar system workable in Singapore? I am looking forward to see more of the below lovely items to be available in Singapore.
Sure to entertain any garden enthusiast is this adorable solar frog light. Light cleverly concealed in frog design will surely be noticed in any pathway or garden. This frogs lazy attitude will be a cheerful sight every time you pass by. ...
Solar address no Your address may be visible from the street during daylight hours, but how well can it be seen at night? Kind of like the moon appearing after the sun goes down, these Solar LED Address Numbers illuminate at night making the numbers easy to read. Illuminated house numbers are favoured by ambulance, fire, police, delivery services, and friends. Numbers light up automatically at night and turn off in the morning. Saves energy and money for years.
Solar path light Light your walkway without having to replace batteries or plug in Lights. These solar powered path lights will add nighttime illumination to any path, patio, or yard. Lights are powered by the sun - no electricity required! These Lights charge by day and turn on automatically at dusk—to light your arrival, greet guests and make burglars think twice while you’re away.

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