Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aloe Vera is good for hair

I read an article say about home plant Aloe Vera, it talk about Aloe Vera benefits and its uses. I am a "Aloe Vera" lover, it is very useful to have one Aloe Vera Plant at home. Sometimes when I am cooking, the hot oil spilt on to my hand, it is so painful. One slice of Aloe Vera is the best medicine. Just apply the fresh juice of Aloe Vera on the skin, an immediate application of fresh gel has relieved much of the pain.Another benefit of Aloe Vera is good for our hair. Aloe Vera is a good way to treat hair lost. Many hair products such as conditions, hair shampoos contain aloe Vera. Millions of people are facing the hair loss problem, the market for products that promise hair growth is vast, but many of these products are either excessively expensive or completely ineffectual. Aloe Vera has been used by many different cultures to stimulate hair growth, and it is safe, natural and affordable.
Planting Aloe Vera in a container at home is so easy. Aloe Vera is growing well in Singapore, all you need is a bigger type of pot, moderately fertile, and fast draining potting soil. Aloe Vera is a succulent, and as such, stores a large quantity of water within its leaves and root system, so water once a week is enough. It is very suitable for Singaporean who have not much time to spend on the gardening.
Aloe Vera is very fast growing. I have been keeping a few pots of Aloe plant around for years. Every week I will remove a lower leaf from the plant, slice it open, with a knife skin off the top green layer, will get a sticky translucent inside, I will grind it to get the Aloe Vera juice, store it in a small bottle for use in a week. After washing my hair with shampoo, I will apply the Aloe Vera juice on the hair, leave it for around 10 minute while massaging my scalp a little bit, you can also use a warm towel to wrap your head, and just rinse it. I do it once a week when starting, now I do it once a month for maintenance. I had hair loss problem before, since I started using Aloe Vera juice, hair loss problems are solved.
By the way, I was told Aloe Vera gel is good for skin too, but I dare not to try on face skin, face skin is more sensitive, right? Doe anyone tried before?

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