Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun For Adult-Bra Cake

cake_funbra-D  Lily saw this bra cake from Singapore cake shop web site, wanted to order for our friend Jack who is turning to his forty years old next week.
A cake in bra shape, haha it is fun, especially for a birthday party, adults party...But one of our friend said it is so disgusting, she said we shouldn't make fun on such thing...Lily is arguing with her on ordering the cake.
Actually, I don't feel any big deal. Since Jack is a down to earth, easy going, like to tell joke, he is a fun person, it shouldn't be a problem to have such a bra cake on his birthday, though there are some other lady friends.
We celebrate so many birthdays in a year, we eat so many kind of birthday cakes in a year...The meaning of sending a cake is not just eating the cake, but to create some fun in life, to send the best wishes to our friend. Nothing is disgusting by sending such a cake on someone's birthday party. Why must we take our life so serious 24 hours?

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Tina said...

i love that fact that absolutely any design can be made into a cake!

i wouldnt know where to start lol