Thursday, November 06, 2008

Enjoy Life, Living Green

Chinese eggplant Here are my potted Chinese eggplant, almost fully ripe... I am planting other herbs and vegetable in the container, all are growing well. They are parts of my busy life. Life is very stress as a working mum, but all of us need to find something to balance ourselves. Smell the flowers, enjoy life. Do some gardening is my way to let go stress.
Chinese eggplant My so called garden is the corridor out side my HDB house, limited space but displayed many of the potted plants. There are a few little green tomatoes hanging in a cluster and the red and green pepper are ready to pick at any time.  These are my pride and joy at the moment. Life is not just what you see it but how you see it.

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Anonymous said...


Where do you get the seeds for the eggplants and herbs?
i am starting a mini garden at my corridor too