Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dream House-My Daughter’s Art & Craft Project

I was so surprised when she showed me her art and craft project. She names it "Dream House". I Suggest her give a name-"Kitty Land". She uses all the hello kitty figures in the craft work.

Great! That is all I can say.

Why I say great? Not because of the craft work that really fantastic. Because all the materials she used in the craft work are from her "recycle collection". She likes to collect some small cute cute things like artificial flowers, artificial birds, dried leaves, small stone,colour sands etc. Every time when I do house cleaning, I will throw away some old flowers arrangement, dead plants, unused decoration item etc. She will quietly pick some items, and keep it in her own treasure box. From time to time she will use all these my unwanted item to make some craft work to surprise me. For example, the house figure she used in the project is my thrown away item, because one side of the figure has some cracks.  She used in her project and covered the cracks with some dried grass. The hello kitty figure she used in her project are from her old hair band. Guess-what are the materials she used to present the swimming pool-the round blue colour item in the craft work? That is the cover of plastic container stick with blue colour paper what she cut off from one magazine. 

When I see all the materials she used in the craft work, I just can't stop laughing. Wow! It is really eco friendly-recycle, save money.She said this is an early present for me for this coming Christmas.
Yeah, I like it. Her creative thinking is the best present to me.  


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