Sunday, October 05, 2008

Labour Paid Maternity Leave Should Be Applied To Men Too

Ministry of Manpower. (2008). FAQ: Extended maternity leave. Retrieved from
This overview explains Singapore’s extended maternity leave policy, enacted in 2008. “To enable working mothers to strengthen bonding with their newborns and provide more time to recuperate from childbirth, paid maternity leave will be extended from 12 weeks to 16 weeks for mothers with Singapore Citizen births. This would be regardless of the birth order of the child.”
About the policy, good or bad have many different voices. But one of the very clear fact is women in Singapore are more difficult to find a good job than men. Most employers most likely prefer to employ men rather than women, even though we speak of equal right and opportunity. When it comes to business, it just makes more economical sense.
So why labour paid maternity leave only applied to women? Mums and Dads should have equal share of work towards new born baby. Young mothers need the one month or two month maternity leave, but during the first year of kid growing period, there are more things to do, medical check up etc, all these work are can be done by fathers. So why maternity leave applied to women only?
Government should come out parental leave policy not just only maternity leave for women. Anyone agree with me?

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