Friday, October 03, 2008

Kill Cockroach Fast And Safety

You’ve probably seen cockroaches before, but were likely too concerned with screaming, running away, or shouting to ask help from mum. I was doing that when I saw cockroach when I was young. But now being a mum, I have no way to run when my daughter sees a cockroach and shout...
Cockroaches prefers warm environment and feeds on human food. The best way to get rid of cockroach still is keep your house clean and no food left over on the floor, in the sink etc. But still, the cockroaches will come to disturb us once a while. So how to kill cockroach fast?
Insect sprays, one of the most common ways to kill cockroaches, usually contain those chemicals has long been considered as harmful to the environment and to people’s health. I never use insect sprays, I hate the smell of insect sprays, It makes me feel giddy.
I normal keep a spray bottle filled with dish washing detergent in the kitchen. Whenever I saw a cockroach, I will spray the dish washing detergent to them, the cockroach will die soon.
For your info, Pandan leaf (which is an endemic plant found in Southeast Asia) is used as a cockroach repellent. It is very effective in keeping cockroach away.
Do you have any other fast and safety way to kill cockroach?

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