Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kill Ants Without Pesticides

Have you troubled by those small ants around the house?  I do. Of course, you can use pesticides to kill ants. But nowadays when many people talk about getting a better environment for our life, as a mom I am not only concerned about the overall environment but the environment in my home. I don't want to expose my child to a bunch of chemicals, so I get a new way to kill ants without pesticides.
I use vinegar to make a solution with water to spray around.
Fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar, about 4:1, When you see ants, just spray them and they'll be dead on contact. You can spray these water mixed with vinegar on the wall in the kitchen, those area which ants like to go. This is the faster and cleaner way to get rid of ants.
Of course the best way to keep them out still  is to keep your home clean. Wipe counter tops often and don't leave crumbs. Wipe counter with the vinegar solution is a  good way to prevent them visiting your kitchen.
Here is a joke, happened when my daughter's 4 years old time. She is very softhearted, she can't bear to kill those small ants, then she keep a small container with some sugar outside the house, so all the ants will be happy to stay out of our house. Ha Ha.

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