Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life Is Like Driving A Car

Life is like driving a car. 

Would you drive it fast or drive it slowly? Drive too fast, you are unable to enjoy the surrounding beautiful scenery, drive too slow you would be late to reach the  destination, and you may cause traffic jam. So you must watch up the road signs, the traffic police ad the surrounding situation. Life is like driving a car. When you are young, energetic, you are driving on a 90 km/hr speed limit highway, you can drive up to 100 km/hr. There is no reason for you to drive/hr on a high way, right? Unless traffic jam.  When you are getting older and older, life is like driving in a traffic congestion area, no matter how good is your car, how fast it can speed, you can't do much  at the time, you must slow down and watch up the situation. You have gone through many ups and downs in your life, the experiences slow you down, let you think twice when making any decision; you may feel not so energetic, there may have some health problems, it slow down your speed in life. 

Can we decide our own speed in life? Some people say life is like driving a car, luck/destiny is the "track / road" you are given to drive on. So, it is not important whether you drive fast or slow. Is that through? I do believe luck or fate in life, but I do believe something is more important in life, that is your own decision, your attitude towards the ups and downs in life, that is more important than "luck". If you try to speed up on a bumpy road, you will end up damaging the car! and yourself;   If you drive over the speed limit you may receive the fine; if you miss a U turn exit, you may need to go one big round. Although road to destination is fixed, but you still can have chance to choose the alternate way to the final destination. The most important is planning. Planing your life is like planing the road to avoid the bad situation, this is so important to us. With a popper planing, you know where to speed where to slow down.

Don't cause any accident. Weather you drive fast or slow, that is up to you, but don't cause any accident on the road. Most of our time,  Life is like driving a car on a highway. That is one way, high speed, you can't afford to any mistake. Any wrong and senseless move made by the driver can cause others to big trouble even loose their lives. In life, it doesn't  mean that lives may be lost because of your actions but most of the time many feelings are hurt and this alone can cause your life turn upside down. Some bad habits in driving can cause traffic jam or accident. Something you have said, something you have done may hurt your dearest friends and family without you knowing that. Being inconsideration is a bad habit in life or driving.  No one is an island unless you make yourself one. Whenever you are going to do something, think twice because some decisions can put you into very uncomfortable positions. If you know that you are not good at making good decisions for yourself, you always lost your way when driving, then I think you just have to ask for help. Drive carefully for life is too short to be lost.

The journey itself is more exciting then the final destination. If life is like driving a car. You keep on going, one stop after the other. One turn after the other. You make choices of speeding up, slowing down, you may have some trouble along the road, you may get stuck in an accident, but all will be ok, you will be continuing back on your path. When you get sucked on the highway, Rather than you get angry and lost temper, If you are listening to music, then the waiting period seems more interesting, not so boring. Same rule apply in life. Accept whatever situation occur, stay clam and make it the best for you.

There is so beautiful outside of the window. Have you ever been driving on a road with beautiful scenery outside of the window? Are you driving alone? If you have somebody, a special person to enjoy those pleasures with, then those pleasures get doubled. That is the most happy time in driving. That is the most happy time in life.

Life is exactly like driving a car.

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