Monday, September 29, 2008

One Day In Hong Kong Disneyland

I am not really a big fan of Disneyland, so I only found the chance to visit  Hong Kong Disneyland after it has opened for two years. We took the MTR (public train in Hong Kong) to Disneyland. Disneyland line, connecting the MTR line with Disneyland at Sunny Bay. The train to Disneyland are filled with Disney related stuff, Mickey mouse window, the chairs, train hangers etc are all designed in Disney characters, as well as the the conductor saying that you are now transported to the magical land of Disney. It make you feel that you are somewhere else and not in Hong Kong. Mickey mouse and Winnie The Pooh are all my favourite characters when I was young, and now, they are also my daughter's favourite characters. Children are excited and they can't wait to reach Disneyland. The entrance fee is quite expensive (HKD$295.00 per person). I was a bit disappointed when we reached there. The place is very beautiful and clean with the whole ‘Disney feel’. But it is quite small compare to the other Disneyland. We were walking through the whole park (without doing any of the rides) in about 30 minutes. I was told that even if I did all the rides and watch all the shows, it will take less than a day, with time to spare for a casual lunch or dinner. For now, you already know what I say, how small it is. Despite the fact that the Disneyland Hong Kong is very small, but still we had quite a lot of fun there. Hong kong Disneyland We went to Disneyland on a sunshine week day afternoon. There were not many people at that period. My daughter and my niece were enjoying all the rides without waiting too long. They were taking many rides, such as “It’s a Small World”, “Mad Hatter’s Teacup”, “Space Mountain”, “Buzz Lightyear” and “Winnie the Pooh”. Frankly, most facilities and rides are more designed for children. We missed some of show, but we caught up with ‘3D Philharmagic Show’ – it is quite funny, interesting and amazing. It reminded me a lot of fun memory of my own childhood time watching this kind of 3D show. But my aunty was sleeping while we were watching the show. Lol. I didn't enjoy the rides actually. I took only the “Space Mountain”, and that made me almost crying. I think I am really old . HaHa, Lol. While waiting for the children to enjoy the rides,  I spent my time in souvenir shops that are more attracted to me. There are many Disney cartoon characters items (customized glasses, chocolates, key-chains, etc) that are sold at a reasonable price. They are sold at cheaper price than other Disneyland. Many people commented that Disneyland at Hong Kong is suitable for children under 12 years old. I totally agree with it. Finally the day was reached to the end. The children were still very excited, talking about Adventure Land, Fantasy land and Tomorrow land, the places in Disneyland... for me, I don't even remember where is where. But still, I had a great time there. The happiness for me is to see the happy smiles on their faces. My mum, my daughter...they were all enjoying the day in Disneyland. The pictures below are some random pictures from this memorable trip. PS, I only have time to post it now and write this post. My daughter says that she wants to go to Hong Kong Disneyland one more time during the coming school holiday. No way. One time is enough. Anyway, with all these pictures, those fun memories will always stay close to my heart. :)

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