Monday, November 08, 2010

Windows of Helblinghaus at Innsbruck Austria

  In the lovely Old Town of Innsbrück - the Helblinghaus with its fussy rococo ornamentation.
Right across from the famous roof, painted in a pretty pink, is the Rococo Helblinghaus named after Sebastian Helbling who operated a small cafe there in 1833. The original Gothic townhouse was purchased by Johann Fischer in 1725 who had the façade decorated with late Baroque plasterwork and front oriels. The ornamental screen façade is highly embellished with sculpture and decorative elements such as lavish acanthus, busts, masks and shells. It is an outstanding example of bourgeois grandeur.

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Paulie said...

Beautiful! I would not want to be the person who kept it in good order, cleaning when needed!