Sunday, November 07, 2010

Herrenchiemsee Castle

Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee, 2 beautiful islands in a huge Bavarian lake called Chiemsee. It was less than two hour drive from Munich to Prien Am Chiemsee and we caught the boat to the island to visit the Herrenchiemsee Castle  .
Ludwig II purchased the island in 1873 and 5 years later started building the Herrenchiemsee Castle to resemble the Versailles Castle in France. King Ludwig II of Bavaria is one of the most colorful characters in German history. He was certainly not a good king, as a ruler he was neither effective nor well-liked, but I think the German must thank to his contributions to the future economy of Germany: his castles, which attract huge numbers of tourists each year, sure bring in good  income for the country.
Ludwig II had built 3 castles,  Neuschwanstein was the most famous with its fairy-tale pseudo-medieval design,  Herrenchiemsee was more expensive than the other two combined. After his untimely death at the age of 40, many rooms in the castle remained unfinished to this day…The Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee is really wonderful. The weather was cold but no rain, I took some really great pictures of the castle and the impressive fountains outside, but unfortunately we are not allowed to take photos. Some of the photos taken outside of the Herrenchiemsee Castle posted here:
Gardens of Schloss Herrenchiemsee

One of the many fountains in front of Herrenchiemsee Castle, Fama Fountain and Garden Facade.
The official Herrenchiemsee Web site (in German and English) is located at


Paulie said...

Definitely beautiful! Thanks for sharing more of Germany with me. . . How I wish I could visit there.

I am back to blogging on my regular blog but will keep blogging on the benches4paulie one also in the near future.

~Onreeone~ said...

it is so very beautiful. One day I hope to travel and see such sites for myself. Great detail in your shots. Good JOB!