Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chiemsee Germany

Chiemsee is the largest freshwater lake in Bavaria Germany, between Rosenheim Germany and Salzburg Austria. It is often called the Bavarian Sea. There are two main islands on the lake, one of them is Herrenchiemsee (biggest island) where we visited for the palace built by King Ludwig II in 1878…We stared our tour from Munich on the 2nd day, it took about one and a half hour drive to the town Prien where along the lake Chiemsee.

…a bit of the morning fog on the lake Chiemsee…

…beautiful scenery along the lake, wonderful autumn color.

View over lake Chiemsee.

A blue house was spotted when we take a ferry to Herrenchiemsee, beautiful blue house, I am wondering what is it for…

Sailing boats parking in the Chiemsee lake.
There many fishes in the clear water…

…Chiemsee ducks

…Seagull at Chiemsee


noel said...


wow that is very scenic, i love all the autumn colors and water views

enjoyed your contribution today.

morememes said...

So did I.
Nice clear images showing you must have had a wonderful day over there.

Paulie said...

What a wonderful tour! Thanks for sharing sicne I will never be able to visit Germany, home of my ancestors. . . I wonder if the beautiful blue building is a chapel?