Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: red hibiscus 2

Interesting hibiscus, same kind of red flowers, but this one is much smaller size than the below one, and the petals are different too.


My previous post about hibiscus is here, add your hibiscus photos link in the comments if you have. Thank you and wishing all of you Happy Ruby Tuesday !


DrillerAA09 said...

Perfect Ruby Tuesday capture. We have a couple of these plants blooming on the rear deck as well. Happy RT.

chubskulit said...

Lovely hibiscus.

My Ruby Tuesday

Mommy Life said...

Wow! Lovely shot.. in our country we call that as gumamela! :)

Auntie E said...

What a great first shot of it closed. Love it.
My Ruby Tuesday Link for you