Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life as I see it #2: Aquarium Fish Tank

What do you see in life? I wish to see more of different views in life from different parts of this world. So I created this meme last week. This is the 2nd entry. I wish to receive more entries.
Life as I see it” will be up every Wednesday pacific time after midnight and will remain open until the following Wednesday. That is simple to join this meme, during the week, you can post anything about what you see in life on your own blog. (It can be a photo, a random though to share your happiness or sadness in life.) So make your post, and remember to come back here to sign MckLinky to add your blog, visit other blog listed, maybe the views from other people life do help you.
I try not to complicate this meme with many rules. But I will appreciate that you leave a link to this blog on your post, You can find the code of “Life as I see it” badge on side bar. Thank you.

Ten posts will be randomly selected on the first Saturday of each month, and be featured on the sidebar of this blog for one month period. This is my way to say thank you to all participations.

Enjoy life as whatever it is.
Here is a piece of my life. Learning something new, and looking forward to create some fun for home. Don’t forget to add your blog list below if you have something to share with me.
Ruby Tuesday: Aquarium Fish Photography continued…

aquirum fish tank aquirum fish tank Here are another two photos of aquarium fish tank for Watery Wednesday,  have fun visiting the other participation…Photos were taken using my Nokia cell phone, it is a very bad result. Next time I should avoid using the flash, it may cause a glare off the glass.


quilly said...

Very interesting. I believe I shall do this. Not tonight because my Thursday Word Challenge will post soon, but I think tomorrow afternoon ... now, what shall I post? Hmmmmmmmm ....

PERBS said...

I had a hard time figuring out where to post a comment here. The black with white lettering is so difficult for me to see. I see that none of the others who signed Mr Linky left a omment either -- maybe they couldn't find the comment box either?

I like your aquarium fish very much. So colorful! It is true that flash against glass usually leaves a glare. Drop by and see my autumn sunset.

Pacey said...

This is a good meme, will remember this or better yet, link my latest post now. Found this through Perbs.

Pacey said...

Ok, am up...have a nice week to all!