Friday, August 07, 2009

What If

Life as I see it, these are answers to What if? from
What if you had a bad day? -A day is only 24 hours, it will be over very fast.
What if you had a bad week? -I believe the following week will be better.
What if the sliding door on your van jammed shut and wouldn't open? – Call help line…
What if said van started making screechy, scary noises and you thought it was going to kick the bucket? –Stop it
What if you didn't do so well on your diet?--Try my best, do oit again.
What if you weren't rich, but had neighbors who were?--So what, does it bored me?
What if those neighbors looked down their noses at you like you weren't as good as they were?--It doesn't matter, as long as they weren't disturb my life.
What if your prime lens stopped working for no reason at all?--Send for repair.
What if that happened on the very day your warranty expired?--No choice, it is my bad luck.
What if your four year old (kid) was still two years behind in language development?—I will be busy checking around for help.
What if they wanted to test him for a new medical condition that has no cure?—Wordless. What can I do now.
What if you realized that all life's problem, no matter how big, were temporary?—Yes, I always think by this way.
What if you knew that at the end of your journey awaited righteousness, peace and joy?--LOL
What if your Father could wrap his arms around you and make it all better?—Yes he did, but he was far away from me now and will never be back forever.
What if you were a child of God?--Never ever think of this question.

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