Thursday, August 06, 2009

Chinese food culture

  I read this post title as “Too much food” with the photo as shown on the left. A round red table filled with big and small plates, it is talking about China, Chinese food or maybe I can say is Chinese culture.

I am very familiar with such a table culture, and often see it especially there is a government officer among the people who are sitting around the table, always too much food, too much drink, too much smoking and too much nonce of all the words coming out from mouths but not hearts.

Why have so much food served but can’t be finished, reasons always are:

  1. The money to pay for the meals are not from own pocket.
  2. To show off the host are rich.
  3. To get the things done faster by none legal way.

Ugly Chinese food culture, you will know what I mean if you ever been to China for a business trip.

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