Monday, July 27, 2009

What are you creating in your life?

What are you creating in your life?
I was asked when having dinner with my good friend Tina last Sunday. 
That’s a tough question for me. I was thinking about it for a few days...
I think I’m a person like to create something new and fun in my life. As these words are typed on a keyboard I am creating my friendship with all of you by sharing some though in life.
I work as search engine optimizer, I like to help my clients to create a web presence that is effective and authentically to them.
I like gardening though I don't even have a small piece of land to be a gardener, but I create the greedy and lovely feeling for my house using different kinds of container, taking good care of many plants in my balcony.
I like artistic creation, I enjoy flowers arrangement for my friends whenever they have special occasion. Decorating a wedding car is one of my favourites, I am creating the happiness for the wedding couple.
There are much more things on the list...
What are you creating in your life?
It doesn't matter what you are creating in life but remember don't create any troubles for yourself, for others.

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