Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ABCs of my happiness

a: a cup of coffee in the morning
b: being active as a participant in society
c: coming home after a long day out
d: doing nothing
e: eat and won't get fat
f: forgive and forget
g: ghost stories
h: have friends to share your happiness
i: Internet surfing
j: jogging in a park
k: kneeling in the dirt to garden
l: listening to the birds singing in the morning
m: morning can sleep till 9am
n: no queue when waiting for taxi
o: open minded in life
p: preparing dinner for be loved one
q: quiet house
r: reading a good book
s: sunny days
t: tea time
u: understand and being understood
v: visits from friends
w: waving hello after a long absence
x: x means hugs from be loved people
y: yellow light on right turn traffic junction
z: zzzzzzzzzz... a good night of sleep
Read the post from Mama craft, this is my ABCs of happiness, what is your ABCs of happiness? Cheers.

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