Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Is Safe In China

Again! The news shock me.

The potentially deadly industrial chemical melamine has been found for the first time in eggs imported into Hong Kong from China.

HONG KONG — Excessive levels of the industrial chemical melamine in Chinese eggs might be traced to feed given to chickens, the Hong Kong government said late Saturday.

In an earlier egg-related food safety scare, the banned cancer-causing industrial dye, Sudan Red, was used to colour egg yolks.

China is currently caught in a food safety scandal over dairy products tainted with melamine. More than 3,600 children remain sick in China from contaminated milk, with three in serious condition, the Ministry of Health said last week. The deaths of four infants have been blamed on dairy products contaminated with melamine.

Canned food, milk power, eggs etc, there are much more other unsafe products. So what is safe in China. What are the products made in China can be marked safe?

I am so worry, one day, if China government never take any serious action on these kind of illegal issue, if Chinese business men are all short sighted and never learn any lesson from the milk power. I am sure:

One day-

China will be marked "Not Safe" by the world.

Chinese from China will be marked "Not Safe" by the world.

Who are going to suffer?

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