Friday, October 17, 2008

Singapore Phone Scams Alert!

I am surprised I myself will become the target for those people who make phone scam...I received one phone call this morning, just when I finished reading the newspaper about the few cases of phone scam happened in Singapore. My house phone rang. I was wondering who is calling my house phone number, this is weekday I suppose to work in the office if I am not fall sick at home. The person on the other side called me "Mum" and start to cry, soon another man talk to me in Chinese, he told me my "Son" in the hospital now in China, he was injured  by car accendient, I must transfer SGD$5000 to the account he given to me immediately, otherwise the hospital won't take him in and he is serious injured now...I feel like to make fun on the guy, so I pretend that I am very worry and asked him, where he got my telephone number and what is my name etc. He then told me "My Son" fainted now, he got my telephone number from "My Son", he is friend of " My Son",  he call me MDM XXX, that is my mother's name who is staying with us, and the name so called "My Son" is my brother who was just came back from Shanghai this morning...And I just on my hand phone talking with him before I answered my house phone call...Imagine if my mother is at home today, and she answered the call, she didn't know my brother was back (he went to office directly), so she will be the victim for sure...
As we know there are a few kinds of phone scams ( I will listed below) in Singapore now, the number of cases are increasing recently, more people become the victims. Especially those old people. I hope we can past around the phone scams alerts message to our older generation, to help them being more alert of such phone scams.
    • The Kidnap Case
Victims of kidnap scams typically receive a phone call informing them that a family member has been kidnapped and will be harmed if a ransom is not paid. Sometimes, the  victims may be told that the ‘kidnapped’ relative has not paid off illegal loans. Or like my case, the callers said my brother was serious injured in China. My brother always went to China for business trip, I believe somehow he exposed his personal details...During the call, there may be background noises, for example, someone struggling and yelling for help. For this kind of case, we must remain calm. Be aware of traps and do not fall prey. Try to contact your loved one immediately. Always remember to seek assistance from the police, or at least from a few of other friends and relatives. More people will give more advices.
    • Lucky Draw Winners
Caller A pretends to be conducting a telephone survey and eventually inform the victims that they have been invited for an event. He then will get some personal particulars of you. A few days later, his/her accomplice will call up the same victims and inform them that they have won a prize with their names and mobile number as there were entered in a lucky draw on their behalf. In order to claim the prize, the victims were told to pay administrative fees or other payments into a bank account etc.
There have no such lucky things happening in our life...I always tell my mum if there is so called lucky draw, there sure will be followed by official letter sent to you for claiming. And I ways advice old people don't answer any survey conducted on phone. Don't attend any survey conducted by individual person who come to house and knock the door. 

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