Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Did you say-The man I married changed ...

I always heard from my lady friends complain that their husband has changed...Actually who won't change? Time flies, no one will remain the same days by days.
Problem always is husband and wife are making changes in life, but they walking to different directions.
Pursuing a woman, to a man is like pursing a goal. When they get the target, it is like mission accomplished, and they will move to something more "important " in life, like the career. When men get into a marriage life, it is just a part of their life. When a woman dates, she is extrapolating and imagining how things would extend from the dating phase to the marriage phase. Marriage life is all to woman, all their life. Epically traditional Chinese women. I have seen many ladies quit the job once they step into marriage life. Husband and kids are all to them. But more often things don't turn out the way she expected and she would say "He's no longer the same man as I once dated".
So why not make yourself change too instead of complaining husband is no longer the same man as you once dated.

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