Friday, February 20, 2015

Sun Birds & Their Nest

The sunbirds have made a nest in our flower shop again, a HDB shop house at Ang Mo Kio, this is the 3rd time they built a nest. First time, the work was not done as I shifted the small plant which it built the nest. 2nd time the two sunbirds came back again and made a delicate nest on our Money Tree,  that was around Aug last year...I have been watching and photographing the sunbirds nesting, feeding, baby bird growing up...Ha, this round they choose our newly arranged cherry blossom silk flowers for their home. The sunbirds fly in and out from the window, they doesn't scare of us at all. Can you imagine the birds built their nest inside HDB House, and they are so close to us, the nest just built at my eyes level...Well here are some photos...

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