Saturday, February 28, 2015

Squirels and Rabbits at Arizona

I was very exciting to see squirrels in such a close distance at Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden...Most of the time I spotted the squirrels jumping high on the tress in Singapore, their moving is too fast to capture a clear shot. I couldn't resist taking many picture of those critters came close to my camera...
Its fur is much thicker, the tail is bushier than those Plantain Squirrels in Singapore.

If I am not wrong, it is Ground Squirrel, but the fur colour is much lighter than the one by the beach at 17 miles. Its winter fur is much thicker, the tail is bushier it look like someone just forgot his stuffed toy on the lawn
This is the most active Harris Antelope Squirrel in the, it almost jumped on to my shoe while we were having our breakfast in café inside the garden.

I spotted a black-tailed jackrabbit rests near a cactus in the garden. It was the first jackrabbit I ever saw...But it stayed there still, not sure why. 

The above photo show the Desert cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus audubonii) in the far with the squirrel. Like all cottontail rabbits, the desert cottontail has a shorter rounded tail with white fur on the underside which ‘flashes’ as it runs away. It is also lighter colored than the jackrabbit; light grayish-brown with almost white fur on the belly.

...the other rabbit I saw when we stopped by the road side came back from Monument Valley. 


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Cute squirrels and I love the bunnies! Happy Easter, have a great weekend!

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