Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Road Trip On Route 1 - 17 Miles Drive

Continued from my previous post Road Trip On Route 1 - Big Sur Coast Highway, after a night of good rest in Monterey, we took the 17 Mile Drive, a very scenic drive along the coast of the Monterey Peninsula in California. Blue sea, blue sky, stunning views! We enjoyed another perfect weather day here in California. 

There are over 20 point of interest along this drive and most of them feature great scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. I like the colour of the sea so much, I have never seen such a handsome blue sea before.

The ocean here seems always restless, that is where the name "The Restless Sea" from. Another pretty well known spot in Pebble Beach is Bird Rock, the view point is not far away from restless sea. A huge rock literally covered with lots of  different species of birds, some seals,  sea lions and otters (?) . We can hear the unique barking sounds of sea lions from a distance. There is a row of telescopes on site for you to get an up-close view of  those lovely critters.... A lots of cormorants and seagulls are around, and some squirrels were jumping from rocks to rocks...There should have pelicans on Bird Rock but I think I came at the wrong season. 
People feed the squirrels and seagulls...but I don't think it is a right to do so.

The Lone Cypress, the most famous landmark of 17 miles scenic drive, which has been standing on the rocky perch for over 250 years. If a tree like human have feeling, I am sure he will feel super lonely across the 250 years!

Walking down from here is the Lone Cypress viewpoint on Monterey’s 17 Mile Drive. The view from here is perfect no matter the weather.
 Not far from the Lone Cypress, is my favourite Ghost Tree.

Seagulls and cormorants off the rocky coast

...along the 17-Miles Scenic Drive

It was fun watching this guy surfing

Pebble Beach Golf  Links, the most famous golf course in the US and one of the top in the world. The view here is fantastic.

Our 17 Mile Drive road trip ends when we came out from this beautiful forest and continued to Carmel.  Amazing views of 17 miles scenic drive! It will be great if we came here at sunset  time, yeah, I wish I could come back here one day.

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