Monday, January 13, 2014

First Visit To Singapore River Safari

My first visit to Singapore River Safari, head straight to the Panda enclosure to beat the crowd.

Step into the Giant Panda Forest, the largest panda exhibit in Southeast Asia, first cute guy we saw is Red pandas, running on the tree branches...Red pandas are also known as lesser pandas, are said to be the original pandas. They were discovered in 1821 while their giant counterparts were only discovered about 50 years later. But I really cant think of that they are panda, compare to the Giant Panda from China, which I familiar with...They are also known as fire fox due to their foxy face and bright reddish coat. Ya, family of fox, I rather think they are...They have really gorgeous bushy tail, too bad I never captured any single picture!!! Visitors  were snapping pictures of it non stop, including me. :)


...two images above captured by iphone, yeah, not that clear

Next captured my eyes is Golden pheasant, very beautiful bird, but kept in the cage, below picture from River Safari web site...

...and finally see Giant Panda in Singapore,  (China’s gift to Singapore...), a bit funny feeling to see China Panda here...and this handsome guy, I forget his name, KaiKai or JiaJia?

Squirrel Monkey Forest is my second favourite.
These Squirrel Monkeys were suberb active and playful! When we were there, they seems to be playing ‘Catch’. Because they have the heaviest brain in proportion to body mass. This makes them one of the most highly intelligent primates.

...the most lovely Squirrel monkey...Squirrel Monkeys are small species about the size of a squirrel. We managed to get quite close to these inquisitive creatures, they were swing from trees to trees and were trying to snatch unsuspecting tourist’s bag ...
...a short video I just learned to play with it...Let me know if you like it.

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