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Pieces From Melaka

Melaka 2013 

Melaka, where the Portuguese first landed and established here as a trading port and later having been colonized by Dutch and British. It is the oldest capital city in the state of Malaysia and it is the center of Malaccan history as well. The former Dutch administrative buildings stand out in their bright red color,  the main building now is a museum. 
"The landmark of Melaka is The Dutch Square also known as the Red Square, is a historical structure situated in the heart of Malacca Town, with red buildings of catholic Christ Church, a clock tower and The Stadthuys (was built in 1650 and the is oldest remaining dutch building in Asia). Stadthuys on the other hand, is the big red building that stood next to the stairway of St. Paul\'s church. It was the official residence of the Dutch Governor and has been an important landmark in Melaka, Malaysia. Today, it is home to two museums, the Historic Museum and the Ethnography Museum where travelers"
I visited here before back to a few years ago, but in a hurry to do something else...and have no time to take a look at this place until this trip, a short weekend holiday...

There are many preserved landmarks in town.The ruins of the fort A’ Famosa Fort still stand on a hill. These remnants dated 500 years ago...

A\'Famosa Fort is among the oldest existing European architectural remains in Asia. It was once an enormous and powerful structure and only the tiny gate survived overtime. It was built by Portuguese commander Afonso de Albuquerque who believed that Melaka would become a port linking Portugal and China.
Melaka as a world heritage, its culture being showcased everywhere in the city. All the surrounding buildings here are painted red, The bright red building adorns the street along with other colorful things...The only white and grey building by the riverside with some Chinese painting become very odd in the area. By the way, the Melaka river, it is a good starting point for visiting the old part of the town, and I have seen its beauty from my friend's photos but I have no chance to see its night life yet.

Another poular photo is the windwill 

Actually It is just a small compact town filled with many tourist attractions that we can walk around and find something fun here and there. 
I Visited the famous Dutch square under the hot sun, only thing to catch my eyes were colorful cycle rickshaws called Trishas here, like tuk-tuks in Thailand. Visitors are greeted by horns and loud music from those rickshaws. They are all colorfully decorated in brightest possible colors, Hello Kitty, big teddy bear etc with a matching umbrella on top. Surprisingly I saw those tourists who enjoying Trishaw rides are local Malay people.

...the entrance to Jonker Street, a walking street tourist like to go..
Most of the interesting travel spots in Melaka are concentrated in the center of the city-the famous Jonker Walk (Jonket Street)or Jalan Hang Jebat,it is known for the extensive antique pieces and great food options, a walking street tourists must go though I dont enjoy shopping in an area full of tourists... Ya, of course I tried my favorite baba cendol dessert with the famous gula Melaka flavor. 

Gula Melaka is Malay word, it is a dark cane sugar which is very fragrant and is a must for cendol, (small strips pea flour with   red beans cooked in coconut milk and Gula Melaka and topped with thick fresh coconut milk or santan.) Full of people both local and tourists in this old coffee shop, we waited for quite some time to get a seat just to eat this bowl of dessert, Do you notice the bowl? Real antique, right? LOL. 
...a lot of new cafes and specialty stores nicely dotted the area which only added charm to this amazing lane. Peranakan architecture is very apparent in Jonker Walk.

The narrow streets in the main town are filled with museums, restaurants, small temple, many memento shops, food store...Local handicraft shops selling so called antique items, face masks, fridge magnets, key chains, postcards, porcelain etc, are all made in China, imported from China. :) Full of tourist, make the street very lively...

 ...a temple like building actually is an old house for local Old Chinese people gathering here, very Chinese style building, not sure what actually it is for now. 


...I was told this is a famous Chicken rice store, but we never tried here, (I didn't see the building this time too), instead having lunch at Lee Restaurants, which we were leaded to there by the signs everywhere near the Philea Resort.

...very lovely window

Melaka Islam Museum, in red too

Such a small city full of Museums, many remarkable museums...But I am not a fan of any kind of museums. Pictured some old things here and there, with some of the photos from my friends, posting below...

Old armored vehicles, ancient fire engine

...the old trees in town, 100 years?
Statue of St Francis of Assisi, Melaka
Melaka catholic church

One of the oldest landmarks in Malacca, is the Kampung Keling Mosque, located in a small lane from the main Jonker Walking Street. 
River Melaka is very pretty at night for sure, some images from friends who came to visit here...

I would like to try a small cruise on the river to get a feeling of being in Venice if I have never been to Venice...It is just not the right time and do not have the right mood for me...Though I bet the lights from the buildings reflecting in the water sure will create some romantic mood to the place.

Pieces From Melaka Trip 2013

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