Saturday, November 16, 2013

Flora & Fauna At Cape Point

Cape Point has at least 250 species of land and sea birds,  the famous African penguin and ostrich can be found here. Mountain Zebra, Chacma Baboons and Bonteboks are the most common seen here,  and we met this mountain tortoise slowly crawling to  cross the road...

Chacma Baboons
Do you know that the Chacma baboons of Cape Point are the only baboon known to eat seafood? So they should be very health...
     the handsome Bontebok, one of the Antelope speciecs

There are more animals living here, small animals like tortoise, rock hyrax (dassie), water mongoose, Cape clawless otter...Cape point is also an ideal spot to do some Whale watching, June - October
Southern Right Whale visit the False Bay area, but Humpback whale, seals and even the Killer Whale are often seen from here. But we are in such a rush, only saw many many sea birds flying...
Black-backed Gulls

The Great Cormorant ??

This is also part of the Flora Kingdom, the rich verities of flora plants in this land, Here are two types of fynbos, The coastal fynbos that grow in alkaline sand, and the inland fynbos that grow in acid soil. 

...many yellow pincushions in bloom at Cape Point
The proteas are the most striking flora here, King protea, Tree pincushions, Sugar bush and Golden Cone bush. And many other species which I can't name them all.

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