Friday, October 18, 2013

Skywatch Friday #102: Lower Pierce Reservoir Park In The Morning

I love such a tranquil morning, hope you too.

* The Lower Peirce Reservoir is one of the oldest reservoirs in Singapore. It is located near the MacRitchie Reservoir and the Upper Peirce Reservoir

Yes, if you notice the watermark on the images, that is my blog in Chinese,  N久好。 I am not sure what are the reasons, Blogspot post and FB are not accessible in China. 


Heidrun said...

What an amazing scene, calm and wonderful.

Heidrun with sky from Augsburg, Germany

TheChieftess said...

Beautiful reflections and sky!!!

Janice Adcock said...

The lake was like a mirror and you caught the scenes so beautifully.

Linnea said...

Wow! Those are amazing scenes. Lovely lighting and composition. They look like paintings. Happy skywatching!

Anonymous said...

Wow - magical shots.