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Memory Of China: GuiLin

漓江, The Li River is a river in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. It ranges 83 kilometers from Guilin to Yangshuo, where the Karst mountain and river sights highlight the famous Li River cruise.

Let the pictures do the talking. A picture can tell a thousand words...I have been to GuiLin more than 10 times, earlier back to 1992 when photos taking still using film...Include some photos here, my old stuffs, from my friend's travel, and a few grabbed online as indicated below the image

Beautiful sunset over the river...
It's always so disappointing to visit somewhere that has become so commercial, but there is no other better choice when we want to visit China, especially nowadays in China, in most sightseeing area, everywhere you turn, you will see heads of people, just take it as one of the enjoyment. My advice: Avoid traveling during first 2 weeks of May and Oct which is their local long week holiday. 

LiJiang is always beautiful in different seasons...Still the best is during Apr-Oct, There are a lot of more other places to visit, it takes one week to walk around the city and town if you really want to take some wonderful images.
Cormorant fishing...this two images from internet. I have no chance to capture this wonderful traditional fishing method, searches found a lot of interesting photos of Cormorant fishing, one I would love to see in sooner future if I have chance to visit GuiLin again.

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in GuiLin. To control the birds, the fishermen tie a snare near the base of the bird's throat. This prevents the birds from swallowing larger fish, which are held in their throat, but the birds can swallow smaller fish. When a cormorant has caught a fish in its throat, the fisherman brings the bird back to the boat and has the bird spit the fish up. Though cormorant fishing once was a successful industry, its primary use today is to serve the tourism industry.
This is the one of landmark photos, Xiangbishan (Elephant Hill). The elephant hill lies on the southern corner of Guilin, where the Peach Blossom River joints the Li River, is one of most -visit parks in Guilin. It is regarded as the symbol of Guilin and 220 meter above the sea level. The shape of the hill is just like a huge elephant drinking water from the river with its trunk, so it is called Elephant Trunk Hill.

Another landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin: Reed Flute Cave, 芦笛岩. It is a natural limestone cave with colorful lights shined on the stone pillars and stone flowers. It has been one of Guilin’s most interesting attractions for over 1200 years. It is over 180 million years old. The cave got its name from the type of reed growing outside, which can be made into melodious flutes. Reed Flute Cave is filled with a large number of stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations in weird and 
wonderful shapes.

Rice Terrace in spring time...I still love the beautiful Autumn scenery of the Rice Terrace

The village, the look like Tulou in Fujian 

Some other pieces below, I love them, the traditional old village houses in China... 

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lorik said...

These images are really interesting. I like the soft, water compositions and that amazing multi coloured cave! Lucky you to have travelled there:)