Saturday, July 20, 2013

Woodpeckers in Bishan Park

I have photographed quiet a number of common birds in bishan park during the years...Yellow-vented bulbul, common tailorbird, some common sunbird,  collared kingfisher, common kingfisher, stork-bill kingfisher, shirke,  Little Heron, Grey HeronBig Purple Heron, egret, waterhen, some unknown birds...
Today I add in some of my collection photos here, I captured beautiful woodpecker: the Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense), I saw them pecking on the tree in the early morning,  there are 7-8 of them, flying around the trees near the water lily pond area.

...the female has yellowish orange wings and a black crest marked with white spots and streaks. 
...the male bird has a red crest.
The adult Common Flameback is about 30cm long. It feeds on insects

Happy shooting, and if you encounter more birds in Bishan park or somewhere else in Singapore, do leave a message here.  Thank you for dropping by the share my joys of birding in nature. 

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