Monday, August 27, 2012

An unique place in China-Fujian Tulou part 3 entry to another Tulou, before Chinese New Year, people will like to do some spring cleaning to get rid of the bad luck in a year,  Families also do some decorations for their homes with red-colored paper-cuts and couplets with ‘good fortune’ or ‘happiness’, ‘wealth’ or ‘longevity’ etc, from the Chinese words shown on the top of the gate"两姓合婚", it means tow different surname of couple get married,  there is a newly married couple stay in the house. :) Not sure what is the special to celebrate.

...the outside look of the building, I was told it was built by clay, sand and brown sugar, according to the locals said the reason why they mixed with sugar is because the walls itself has 2 functions, one is for the protection and the other is the wall itself can be their food supply in case of emergencies like drought, earthquake etc. Not sure if it is stories made up for fun.

珠联合璧,the four Chinese characters means "a happy combination"
Life inside the Tulou...Though the Tulou building have become tour attraction, most of the young generations go to other big city to make a living, yet still there are many residences occupy the old building today, they make a living by selling souvenirs, local products such as tea, red mushroom etc...some of them run home stay business too.

 ...continue tomorrow

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