Thursday, August 30, 2012

A beautiful ancient village, Yunshuiyao

Yunshuiyao is an old village in Zhangzhou Nanjing area, where the Fujian tulou buildings located here, actually the place is called Changjiao, a beautiful ancient village which is named after the Changjiao Brook that connects the two famous Tulou-Heguilou and Huaiyuanlou. I have posted about the Tulou here. Along the banks of the brook are ancient banyan trees, (some of them are more than 1000 years old history), ancient building and patches of farm land. A walk through the village will bring you back in time to Chinese traditional rural life. The name Yunshuiyao are named after the film The Knot(Yun Shui Yao) was shot here, that is an romantic love story, the poetic rural scenery add to the romance and purity of the love, which presents a beautiful and untouched village. Since then this small village was renamed "Yun Shui Yao Ancient Town" and become a popular tourist area.

This huge banyan is the biggest banyan in Fujian province, Under the big banyan is a cobblestone-paved old road, stretching to the faraway. A river run under the tree, The actor and actress once walked across the river hand by hand, and this scene has became a classic shot. I was watching a few of couples doing the same pose...
The elegant scenery plus the unique cultural resources has attracted a lot of people here, but as the location is still far from city, the nature of the village still remain.
 ...and life is beautiful
 when you know to appreciate the simple happiness.
country side and water wheel, I like the views
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