Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shanghai, here and there

There are a lot of tall and amazing buildings in Shanghai, but personally I like to take photos for those old-fashioned type buildings, like this one below:
Yeah, I enjoy looking at those empty tree trunk against the grey sky too, it is just like this city, old and new meet and merge together. Actuall, the city is not new to me, I have been here many times, and this trip, I don't have that kind of exploring mood, there are just too many people and too many cars,  too many cafes with most foreigners inside along the Xintiandi area.     
...a building along the Simingnan Rd

...on the last day of my trip, I went to a place call Tianzifang or Tian Zi Fang (Chinese: 田子坊; pinyin: Tiánzǐfāng).
It is an old street combining artistic centers, exotic restaurants,  bars and cafe, coffee shops, small craft stores,  trendy art studios etc, the narrow lane  was  developed from a renovated residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai. Now it has become a popular tourist destination in Shanghai...
There are plenty to dos in this area, too bad I was in rush, only have about 3 hours spent here, spotted some lovely shop fronts and display.

Comparing with new modern buildings jungle, in Tianzifang you can find those special architecture of old shanghai city.

Most of the shops with upper floors are still residential. So there is no surprise to see those socks, knickers, mops and other washing hanging above wile walking through the alleys...
...and this is a very fun sign board hang in a noodle bar, one of them written : No Di Gou You(地沟油).  This is an interesting Chinese words, but once you know what does it means, I bet you will think twice while you want to have a meal in China. Some guys make a living upon recycling this kind of oils, which is called Di Gou You(地沟油), Oil extracted from the burnt contents of the sewers running under the city. you can find some articles about how a lot of Chinese restaurants/food stalls use (potentially) highly carcinogenic recycled drainage oil to make their food.
Find such a sign board in modern city Shanghai, I dont know if I should feel happy or sad being a Chinese. Somehow they impress me more than big landmarks in Shanghai.

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