Sunday, January 01, 2012

Learning something new everyday

This lonely bird was sitting there, just waiting to have its picture taken. That was late evening time, it was getting dark and the sky was grey. I wanted to take as much of the sky as possible to allow for a huge contrast difference between the sky and the bird. But the result dispointed me, it didnt exposure well on the bird, it is a bit dark, the beautiful orange fur didnt display well.  It is not a good photo anyway, but I choose this photo as my new year post, yeah, because I learnt something new.
Yes, I added the texture to the photo, so sorry, I can't remember where I get this texture photo from, I am not able to provide a credit link back to the original art pieces. After some editing, the result is different, I like it espically the last one below. Look back to the year 2011, I have taken more photos than previous year, improved a bit on my photography skill, and I wish I could improve more.
I am looking forward to the coming 2012, and I will get more practice on my photography skill for sure. Learning something new everyday in 2012. Thanks all of you for visiting my blog, encouraging me and  critiquing on my photos. Wishing all of you have a magical year 2012!
Happy New Year !


Keetha Broyles said...

I love the shot looking right up the pole - - - the first one.

All this about how to take the picture, but do you know what kind of a bird it is???

I believe it is a barn swallow.

Wayne W Smith said...

What a great shot of your feathered friend. Your work afterwards really made it even better.

Tara R. said...

Your post edits turned out beautifully.

Unknown Mami said...

I love the edits, but honestly I like the original too. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your growth.

Vidya Sury said...

Both photos are great! Happy New Year to you!

zx said...

The edited photo has a good mood to it.

It is a pacific swallow.