Monday, November 28, 2011

Fungi from Germany

Fungi are always on my look-out list when walking the nature trails, but photos of lovely fungi in this post were not taken at any nature trails in Singapore, they were from my previous trip to Germany , I found them in the early morning just out side of our hotel.
There are a few different type of fungi, but I love the photo as below, the color contrast of brown and green,
 Submitted for Macro Monday


Lea's Menagerie said...

Oh, yes! I look for mushrooms, too, when I walk in the woods. And sometimes they can be found in unexpected places. That last photo is my favorite, too - such rich greens and browns!
Mississippi, USA

Carola said...

Great collection of mushrooms. I was surprised that they are from Germany. I live there.

Helen Campbell said...

Beautiful shots! I love finding fungi along the garden or woodland trails.

Ida said...

Just wonderful. Such lovely shots of these Fungi.