Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marine life at PunGgol beach

Since the previous walk at Changi beach, I fall inlove with thoses interesting marine life now. I went to Punggol beach after that, that day was only a neap tide, I expected to see nothing, but still there are many interesting found surprised me:

The beautiful blue sponges, I have mistaken it as coral before. :) I am not sure if the yellow one in the picture
 on the left are sponges.

On the rocks were many interesting critters, including this cute little onch slug. They looked just like the rocks they were on, it is hard to noticed if you never look carefully.

They are so well-camouflaged.
a tiny black nerites 
and those drills, click to see larger version
Smooth spiny drills

...a few juvenile Green mussels (Perna viridis) on the rock, they used to be a lot of green mussels on this shore.
 Abundant on the shore tehre are many Lined bead anemones (Diadumene lineata), which is the world's most widespread sea anemones.
...many different type of crabs too, but they were running to fast, easily hide under the rock, not easy to photograph them, but I captured this one
 ...and the one below was dead. LOL
and the dead fish on the shore

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What lovely pictures.