Thursday, October 06, 2011

Giant African land snail

The Giant African Snail (Achatina achatina), in the genus Achatina, also known as the Agate Snail or Ghana Tiger Snail, which grows to be the largest land snail on Earth. Native to Madagascar or East Africa. In Singapore, this species is very easy to be found on garden paths and pavements at night, in the morning or in the days after rain.
I have seen the biggest one about 20 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter.
Most of the gardener hate them as it easily becomes a pest that destroys several plant species. But i did think of keeping them as pets. Funny ideas anyway. :)

According to some research, The lifespan of the Giant African Land Snail is 5 - 7 years and reaches its adult stage after about six months. A single snail can lay about 1000 eggs during its lifetime. Eggs are said to hatch in anything from a few hours to 17 days. And I really don't know what are their natural enemy, so it is easily become a serious pest,
Snails are eaten as food in some countries. There are served in some of the restaurant in Singapore too, like in Jack's place. Escargots in Shells (per half dozen) for about SGD$10, Delectable snail meat sautéed with creamy garlic butter & baked in their shells, that is my top favorite food. (Escargot is the French word for "snail", escargot on an English menu is generally reserved for snails prepared with traditional French recipes.) My question is: is this giant African land snail editable?

...and the snail reminds me one of very old song, snail's home, it was quite popular in Taiwan during 80's.
Maybe I should find more my favorite old songs to correspond to my photos.
This is my first entry for Thursday Theme Song

密密麻麻的高樓大廈 找不到我的家
在人來人往的擁擠街道 浪跡天涯
我身上揹著重重的殼 努力往上爬
卻永永遠遠跟不上 飛漲的房價

給我一個小小的家 蝸牛的家
能擋風遮雨的地方 不必太大

給我一個小小的家 蝸牛的家
一個屬於自己溫暖的 蝸牛的家

給我一個小小的家 只是小小的家
一個屬於自己溫暖的 蝸牛的家

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Jeanette said...

Welcome to Thursday Theme Song Meme!! I hope you become a regular. I have so much fun putting my photos to music each week and I enjoy seeing others posts too.
Your snail is very interesting. He has a unique shell. Snails can be a pest at times, but then they need to et the sam as we do. From their appearance, they don't seem to be very appitizing, but floating in garlic and butter can be quite tasty.
Love the pictures and the song. Even though I don't understand the words, the music and the lady's voice is nice!
Hope that you stop by my blog and leave a comment or two and that you join in again.