Friday, September 09, 2011

Clinic at Clarke Quay Singapore

This is not the place what "Clinic" the actual meaning of this word come to my mind...Guess it right? Yeah, this is a bar called Clinic, an entertainment clubbing hub done up in medic-chic, located at Clarke Quay Singapore along the river...
This is a bar with a design of a clinic: gold wheelchairs, white sofas, lights from a surgical room, a funky chair with red and green IV looking plastic bag (this one have some ghost effect, Haha)...Some patrons sitting on “hospital beds”, drinking from drips…some sitting on wheelchairs… . I was told It was ranked high in restaurant and bar ranking, I wouldn't say it is an amazing pub, or I don't even say it is interesting to me...Wasn’t it awkward to put a tripod stand in front of me while I am chilling out to enjoy such a lovely night? But my daughter said I am old liao, don't know how to appreciate the new things, LOL.

Anyway, in a business point, I may say the boss is creative, this is something special to capture the attention of the young generation. However It would be interesting to see what they have on the menu and how they serve their drinks, but I dare not ask since I am not going to sit down there.
Will you have a drink there if you happen to be here in Singapore?

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