Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birding at Bishan Park

A beautiful park just near my working place, I have long time never been there since ABC Waters@Kallang River-Bishan Park project started.

"On 3 Oct 09, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officially launched the ABC Waters@Kallang River-Bishan Park project. A joint collaboration between PUB and NParks, ABC Waters@Kallang River-Bishan Park will see the conversion of the concrete canal into a natural meandering river, seamlessly integrated with the park for the first time in Singapore. The project should be completed by 2011."

I went to take a walk in the new Bishan park on last Saturday afternoon, after two hours heavy rain...

The park has not been officially opened, plus heavy rain, I was lucky to see flocks of birds on the tree or resting around the grass land, on the fence...They are most likely attracted to the plethora of seeds available in Bishan Park.
...And I was surprised to see this beautiful kingfisher here, but it soon flew away with the screaming sounds, not sure why, but not I scared him for sure. :)

First see the beautiful kingfisher bird in a park
Not sure what's this bird on the tree, is that same as the below one?

A lovely dove
Herons also seen here, I saw one stay on top of the tree and the other along the field by the canal...
There should be a lot of fished for this heron to catch
...the beautiful moment when flocks of birds flying off

I was watching an egret  in the field along the canal for about half an hour, captured a few photos, I like this beautiful bird, though my camera is not good enough to cpture its beauty from far...

an egret looking for food
 and I was enjoy birding in the Bishan Park in the Saturday afternoon, after heavy rain...
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Paulie said...

How did you make that egret photo, the next to last? It is really cool! You are lucky to spot so many birds with your photo memories!

Lesley said...

How exciting to watch the wildlife returning to a newly created natural area.

Anonymous said...

Wow - stunning shots of the heron and egret!

J Bar said...

Great bird watching.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Arija said...

Nice bird shots, I really like your kingfisher! Lovely wildlife area.