Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Windows of the hotel in Heidelberg

Goldener Hecht,  a hotel with  restaurant in Heidelberg-Old Town, facing the Neckar river, nice view with a lot of cafes around the area...

Some other beautiful windows of vier jahreszeiten hotel, The old bridge with a spectacular view of the Heidelberg castle and the river Neckar are just in front of the hotel.

More windows here and here. And enjoy:


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Such a wonderful, cultural share. I loved these two photos.

Emerald City and Red Poppy Field

Hope your Tuesday treats you well.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Awesome photo ~ I love European look!
namaste, Carol ^_^ from (Share the Creative Journey) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your photos make me nostalgic for Deutschland, homeland of some of my ancestors.


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