Monday, August 22, 2011

Fungi @ Dairy Farm Nature Park

My friend and I spent a few hours on the Sunday afternoon walking up to the summit of the Bukit Timah Hill from Diary Farm Park. Along the way, we never have chance to see thoses interesting wild life such as lizar or even any butterflies etc, they are hiding somewhere in the jungel. But we found quite a few variety of fungi  on live or dead tree trunks. We were happy to see them live in the wild though  I am not an expert on fungi...
I think this is a kind of  bracket fungus,  I usually saw this seashell-like woody fungus growing on dead tree trunks, I have seen they are in black or orange  colour, but these with the white edge growing in group are very beautiful...
...on top is another kind of bracket fungus queuing in a line nicely on a fallen tree trunk

...picture on the left is center brown white bracket fungi grew in layers like a bunch of petals, form a beautiful flower.
...and this tiny one have very striking colour, poison type?
 ...some small and fleshy wild mushrooms found on a dead wood, are they edible?
...another orange mushroom

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Mama Zen said...

Great shots!

fredamans said...

Fun fungi.

Lawstude said...

One word... interesting!

Lawstude said...

Great shots by the way.