Monday, January 31, 2011

Swarovski Crystal Worlds part 1

A few miles outside Innsbruck in Watten is the "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" - the plant, showroom and museum of the  precision cut crystal. Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, The Chambers of Wonder was built in 1995 by multi-media artist Andre Heller, it is a mixture of dreams and reality, fairytale characters and mystical creatures.

The underground exhibition chamber is behind the green "Giant" waterfall.
The Centenar, at 300,000 karats, is the largest cut crystal in the world.
As soon as we entered the Crystal World, this super giant crystal sure will capture your attention. Another one captured my eyes is the white horse decoratived with shinning crystal.

Another most wonderful eyes catching thing in Treasure chamber – the mesmerizing chandelier ‘Mediterraneo’ that is made of 140 crystal strands, all consisting of 87 Swarovski crystals that are illuminated by LEDs and are programmed to change the colors. My camera is not able to captuer the beauty at all...
There are total 12 chambers...Well, I will show you some of my favorites:
A crystal tree in Chamber three, (picture on the right) it is called Glittering Winter Dreams. Fashion designer Alexander McQueen and light artist Tord Boontje , created this crystal tree made from thousands of Swarovski crystals mounted on polished steel.

An artwork from the chamber of 55 Million Crystals by Brian Eno …A place that feels like music, Eno has captured the transience of music in a video installation by creating a fleeting visual impression. Music for the eye of the beholder !

Chamber of Wonder Reflections: - a spiral comprising 48 polygons
- the formation, fascination and scientific importance of crystals are documented in pictures, graphics, illustrations and animations

My favourite chamber! Chamber of Wonder:  Crystal Theatre
 a crystal devouring plant...
 The painter, stage designer and writer Susanne Schmogner, created this crystal theatre with iridescent figures made of highly diverse crystal-adorned materials. The sun and the moon engaged in a dance beneath the stars.

...To be continued tomorrow

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