Monday, January 24, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: Hohenschwangau Castle

From the town of Hohenschwangau, the castle can be reached in bus, horse carriage or by walk. While we were waiting for the bus to go up to the fairly tale like Neuschwanstein Castle, I captured this photo with Hohenschwangau Castle in the background, (and a yellow road sign! ),  it is an older castle where King Ludwig is believed to have spent a large part of his childhood. It once used to be the royal family's summer residence.

It was a 40 minute for horse and carriage ride to neuschwanstein castle…I like the yellow color building in the background.

Wish you have a great week ahead, I will post the photos from the Neuschwanstein Castle tomorrow…

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Paulie said...

It must have been fun getting there!