Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Black Forest Germany

I am not refering the cake. I want to include a few beautiful photos were taken in Black Forest Germany. The name Black Forest--often conjures up images of a dark, sinister place, the tour leader from trade wind of my previous trip to Switzerland  said "There is nothing to see in Black Forest." So he successfully skipped this place which was actually included in the itiernary, instead bringing us to buy Rolex and L.V bags etc. It was difficult for me to have any objections since the rest of  the tour members agrred the changes. So I learned a lesson don't ever travel with people with totally different interest. But for goodness sake, we have not much choices in life often, right? Another lesson I learned: "Don't let the name fool you. "
Finally I visited to Black Forest with no regret. If you love nature, you will absolutely admire the Black Forest in Germany. The name was called because of the forest in the area have a large concentration of pine trees which causes it to look quite dark from a distance. Additionally, the nearby mountains can cast their shadows over the valleys and further serve to darken it. However, the Black Forest is one of the beautiful regions of Germany, the titisee town at the center of the Black Forest is an attractive and lively centre offering amusement to the visiting tourists. The titisee lake is just beautiful by the town side...( I was told it is two kilometres long and 700 metres wide and is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest. It was presumably named after the Roman emperor Titus.)
Thanks God I have a very nice day spent in this lovely town, with the rare sunshine in Germany...Here share with you some of my photos taken in Black Forest Germany:

Titisee Lake

Huge Clock in Black Forest Titisee Town Germany
Titisee Town

We were staying at Hotel Hofgut Sternen in Black Forest...It is a comfortable hotel in typical Black Forest style, situated in a quiet park area not far from Titisee. Black Forest cuckoo clock and glassblower's workshop with gift shop is just oppisite the hotel. 

Black Forest cuckoo clock
Lovely cuckoo clock, but I can not image if there is one at home, every one "cuckoo, cuckoo..." LOL

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Paulie said...

I enjoyed your tour by photos of the Black Forest and I agree with you. It is a shame that they don't take you everywhere advertised. . . Happy New Year!